The annual Lake Village Area Chamber of Commerce shopping promotion, Shop the Village First, started last weekend and local shoppers are now eligible to win cash prizes.

The Shop the Village First event is an annual shopping promotion that allows local shoppers to enter their name in a drawing to win cash prizes.

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director John Conner said that any local shopper who spends more than ten dollars in goods or services at any business in Lake Village may enter the drawing.

Shoppers interested in participating in this year's event may turn their receipts in at the Chamber of Commerce after Dec. 11. Receipts must be more than ten dollars and dated after Dec. 1.

Participants who turn in receipts will then be entered to win up to $300 in cash prizes.

Conner said he will be out promoting the event at the Lake Village businesses that are members of the Chamber Dec. 11 through Dec. 20.

Conner said they will do their best to make their location known and attract shoppers.

"It will be pretty obvious if you happen to drive by while we’re there," Conner said.

Conner said their Facebook page will also be updated with when and where they will be.

“If you purchase something over ten dollars while we are promoting, and your ticket is drawn, it will be worth an extra one hundred dollars,” Conner said.

Conner also said that Chamber members are elible to win up to 3 times the amount as non members.

Those interested in specific details of the event and cash prize amounts may contact the Chamber office.

The drawing will be on Friday, Dec. 21 at 10:00am. Conner said receipts must be turned in by 5pm on Dec. 20.

“Get in on the fun, you’re ten dollar receipt could possibly turn into up to three hundred dollars cash for the holidays,” Conner said.

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