Governor Hutchinson Announces Establishment of Law Enforcement Task Force

Lake Village Police Chief Percy Wilburn was named by Gov. Asa Hutchinson to the Task Force to Advance the State of Law Enforcement in Arkansas.

The task force was created to study and analyze the best practices and procedures for recruiting, training, and maintaining law enforcement officers in Arkansas. The task force will make recommendations to the governor on enhancing trust between law enforcement and communities, and improvements or changes needed to enhance the profession of law enforcement to ensure compliance with standards.

The task force will be chaired by Fred Weatherspoon, deputy director of the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy. The remaining members of the task force are as follows:

• Wilburn, vice chairman of Arkansas Commission of Law Enforcement Standards and Training;

• Jami Cook, secretary of the Arkansas Department of Public Safety;

• Shirley Washington, mayor of Pine Bluff;

• James Sanders, mayor of Blytheville;

• Tim Helder, sheriff of Washington County;

• Scott Hamilton, CEO and president of Urban League of the State of Arkansas;

• Rosa Velasquez, Arkansas United;

• KenDrell Collins, assistant federal public defender;

• Bob McMahan, Arkansas Office of Prosecutor coordinator;

• Jimmy Warren, citizen activist, Conway;

• Emma Davis, citizen activist, Van Buren;

• Tim Campbell, citizen activist, Little Rock;

• Layla Holloway, citizen activist, Van Buren;

• Representative from Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police;

• Representative from Arkansas Sheriff’s Association;

• Representative from Arkansas Black Mayor’s Association;

• Representative from Arkansas State Police;

• Additional citizens as the governor deems necessary.

Governor Hutchinson said, “This is not going to be a static task force. It’s going to be dynamic. It’s going to be listening to the community. It’s going to be addressing the serious issues that we’ve seen reflected across the country.”

The task force will make its final recommendations to Governor Hutchinson by Dec. 31. The work of the task force will be concluded upon submission of that final report.

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