Lake Village City Council met last week and discussion ranged from the condition of sports jerseys to taxes and from appointments to door-to-door sales companies.

Council member Arlando Wilson said local youth are playing football in worn out and torn up jerseys that need to be replaced and asked who made decisions about purchasing new uniforms. That falls under the purview of the Parks and Recreation board, but a motion was made and approved to have Mayor Joe Dan Yee express council’s concern and ask if there were factors unknown by the community at large.

Council also approved a motion to pass Resolution 05-19, which was the annual levying of a 0 mils real property tax within the city. This continued council’s previous promise to residents of no city tax on real property in exchange for sales taxes.

Resolution 04-19 was passed as well and allowed the mayor to “apply for and utilize” a $50,000 Arkansas Community Assistance Grant. If awarded, Yee said, the money would be used for the seawall and sidewalk along Cokley, Main and Church streets.

Not approved was Ordinance 04-19 which would have allowed current city employee Dominique Toney to be appointed city clerk while continuing to serve in her position as a city employee. While council appeared fine with that, the ordinance also revisited the city’s lack of a mayor’s designee to fill his duties should Yee fall ill or be unavailable at some point. Council member Sammy Angel acted in that capacity for former Mayor JoAnne Bush and Yee requested he continue on, however council has been unable to reach agreement.

The current point of contention was the lack of a time limit being specified in the ordinance. It was suggested that without such a limit the designee could take over the office for the remainder of a mayoral term, even in the case of death or disability. It was also commented that state law already contained a time limit, requiring an election if the position is vacated. The specific statute was unavailable during the meeting, however, so council once again tabled the matter until more information could be found.

Resident Jean Wiley addressed council about companies going door-to-door selling security systems. She said that many older residents were being sold systems they did not understand on automatic payments they did not know how to cancel.

She opined that council should take action against the company on behalf of those residents. City Attorney Jim Haddock responded that each of those were private agreements not inclusive of the city; each resident would need to file a complaint with the police department. Angel suggested gathering the names of residents having problems and giving that list to the attorney general’s fraud division so that the company in question could be watched and possibly contacted.

The next delivery date for an Arkansas Food Bank truck was included in Yee’s mayor’s report. That is set for Sept. 30.

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