One of the major items for discussion at the Eudora city council meeting was an ordinance involving three areas of mayor and council accountability.

Called “An Ordinance to Approve and Adopt Policies and Procedures Regarding the Fiscal Management of the City of Eudora, Arkansas,” Ordinance 2019-01, which was approved by the council, covers three main areas.

The first being that all checks written by or on behalf of the City of Eudora require three signatures before they may be issued. Signators are Mayor Travis Collins, Alderman Charlene Taylor, and Alderman Ezell Minniefield.

Also, when the amount of any expenditure on behalf of the City of Eudora is $1,000 or more, approval of the city council must be received before such payment shall be issued.

Expenditures are defined as any item or service purchase that will exceed $1,000. There are no emergency exceptions to this requirement.

Travel reimbursement expenses were covered as well and are to be provided in line item format with documentation of each trip in the format of the following: Visit Location Address, Date of Visit, Reason for the Visit. Each month such report will be presented to be approved by the council and reimbursed by the city accountant’s office.

Other items for discussion during the meeting included street repairs. Some road repairs are to be started in 2020. The council approved the purchase of a trailer and discussed SB170 about people bringing small homes.

There are four properties that are going to be scheduled for tear down. A motion was made for the city to absorb the water association. The city will be looking for volunteers for the 2020 census count.

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