Eudora City Council members gathered Monday evening with the meeting called to order a few minutes after six. Council immediately went into an executive session, returning after about 20 minutes and later commenting that its discussion covered the social media agreement which was listed further down on the agenda.

There was a discussion about Sunflower Grocery Store. The mayor said he is looking at the possibility of the Sunflower building being donated to the city in exchange for some repairs and upkeep being made. The city could then lease it back to Sunflower in order to keep the market open. There was a tentative date of May 31 for closing if that arrangement wasn’t possible. The city attorney was to look into whether or not the proposal would be legal.

Eudora librarian Mary Bates brought up an issue with the sewage system backing up into the library. The library itself belongs to the county, but the sewage system is the city’s. An inspection is up coming to determine which entity would be responsible.

The Eudora Police Department has hired two new officers. One is certified and the other will be attending the academy in August. This is expected to help with the on-going over-time issue which has caused the department to be over budget this year. Being over budget, however, caused council to hold off on the purchase of digital radio equipment that was quoted at $18,435.38.

Council also held off on the purchase of a 15 foot finishing mower as only one bid was received. Members hoped to receive two more bids before making the decision.

The council also discussed the purchase of a trailer-mounted high-pressure jetting unit.

The police chief asked that council continue looking into a city jail. He said the department often deals with residents who have severe mental or medical issues and that other area jails wont take those inmates.

There was a discussion too regarding the need for a part time water clerk. Council denied such a request suggesting that another city employee be trained to do that work during off times.

In other business, council passed a consolidation ordinance regarding Readland Water Association and an announcement was made that the state auditor would be in town next week.

Mayor Travis Collins reported that the Summer Festival will take place May 30 and June 1.

Tomeka Butler with Eudora Charter School reported that the launch was on hold for 2020 year because the building would not finished in time. Plans for the renovation were not available as scheduled.

Jonathan Patrick addressed council on behalf of Eudora Solutions Initiative requesting the old elementary school building on Swanigan for a community resource project. The building would need extensive repairs.

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