It was decided at last week’s city council meeting that Lake Village will proceed with Halloween on Sunday, Oct. 31. Also at last week’s gathering, members heard from House About It regarding affordable housing in the area.

Following calls from community members, Police Chief Percy Wilburn asked council if there were any planned changes to the city’s Halloween celebration.

Some in the community wondered if the event would be observed on the 31st, as is tradition, or if, since that falls on a Sunday this year, it would be moved to Saturday night.

He had received such calls before, he said, but never early enough to bring the question before council. 

When asked his preference, Wilburn suggested keeping the original Sunday schedule. Some people would celebrate on Sunday, regardless of what council decided, he said. That would require the police department to have extra officers on duty two nights instead of one.

Council agreed and is asking residents observing the holiday to stick to the original Sunday schedule.

Susan Forte with House About It told council that the company is committed to getting affordable housing in the area. The group was previously approved by USDA to work in Chicot County but was slowed down by COVID-19, she said. 

They are currently providing services with housing repair and rehabilitation, she added, and are preparing to help build homes as well.

The repairs are limited to those necessary for health and safety and do not extend to cosmetic-only projects.

Loans are available depending on USDA approval and grants will be possible for qualifying individuals over the age of 62.

Applicants must be the homeowner and must be unable to obtain affordable funding through other means.

The turn around time, she added, is usually 30-45 days.

The company will bring in its own licensed contractor to do the work.

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