A group of community volunteers are only $10,000 short of their fundraising goal to purchase an abandon grocery store in Eudora.

Sammy Johnson, Terry Jones, and Otis Drew started working about nine months ago to raise funds to purchase a building that used to house the town’s only grocery store, Sunflower.

Johnson said the project started when the three men were talking about opening a small business or a meat market in town and it sort of blossomed into the idea of saving the old grocery store. “Every town needs somewhere to buy their groceries,” Johnson said. 

Their plan has three phases. In phase one their goal was to raise $100,000 to purchase the building. “Once we get the building purchased then we will have to look at the funds needed to do some remodeling on the store,” Johnson said.

Phase three will be to raise money to stock the store and get it opened.

Johnson said last week that they had raised $90,000 so far and needed about ten thousand more to purchase the building. 

Johnson also said they had applied for a 501c3 status with the Internal Revenue Service and were hoping to apply for grants and other funding allocated to non-profit organizations once their status is approved.

Some of the money raised came from a fundraising competition that was held between the Eudora High School Alumni where the classes competed to see who could raise the most funds. 

Johnson said the project is important because they believe the community should have access to basic necessities including fresh food, fruits and vegetables. 

Donations may be mailed to Restore Eudora Community Grocery Store at P.O. Box 262 Eudora, AR 71640.

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