City council discusses water issues in Eudora

Council person Robert Thomas and Mayor Travis Collins discuss a $65,000 check and whether or not the council approved the purchase.

The Eudora city council heard the water audit reports and discussed the water issues within the city, including a recent issue at the Eudora Elementary School.

The city of Eudora has been struggling with their water system for a while and some residents say the water is still brown.

The city has been in disagreement with one of the engineering firms and some of the council members have expressed concern.

Council person Robert Thomas asked the mayor why the city couldn’t seek reparations for some the damage done to the water system or simply not pay until the company in question made things right.

Collins informed the council a $65,000 check had already been paid and that he couldn’t get the money back.

“The previous administration had that set up,” Collins said.

“Yes, but we the council told the previous mayor that we wanted to hold the check until service was complete so that issue should have come back before the council,” council person Charlene Taylor said.

An audience member brought up that six children had gone home with stomach aches from drinking the water at the school.

Members of the council said that was a school issue not a city issue and told the citizen he needed to meet with the school officials.

The council heard from the water auditor and though the water system is having major issues, financially the water department and sewer department are in order.

According to auditor Craig Kaminicki, Eudora’s water and sewer reports are in check for the years 2016 and 2017.

Kaminicki said Eudora’s water rates are similar to those in cities such as Hamburg and Crossett, but Eudora had a higher jump than some of the other cities.

“After their first one thousand gallons their rates increase on more of a graduated scale whereas Eudora’s have a higher jump so it’s really hard to do an apples to apples comparison,” Kaminicki said.

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